Commentary 8 – The Star Wars Holiday Special

It’s a late Life Day gift from us to you. Presenting a live capture of our unadulterated horror at the hands of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Listen in as Thomas, Amber, and Neemah suffer sober through this 1970s fever dream. It’s sync-able too! That way you can come along for the ride.

Commentary 6 -Flashmentary

Not enough Flash? Not enough Queen? Not enough Hawkmen? Well do we have the commentary for you! Listen to our steamy, spacey, and somewhat seizure-y viewing on Flash Gordon (1980)! It’ll sync right up to the movie too!

“Well Flash it was…terrible for me too”

Commentary 5 – Lucky Number Slevinmentary

Exclusive to our website, it’s our Lucky Number Slevin Commentary! Hear Amber, Thomas, and Patrick figure out how to become knights, why a waterfall for a toilet, and some surprising statements by Morgan Freeman

“Dame Mary Poppins. She’s one of those.”

Commentary 4 – Surfmentary Ninjas

Experience the salt water fueled insanity that is Surf Ninjas with your hosts Thomas, Amber, and Patrick as they sit through this nightmare one (hopefully) last time.

“I don’t need to see the rest of the movie. Just how that woman cuts the fruit.”

Commentary 3 – Solo: A Starmentary

Travel with us an an unnecessarily long trip to space with our Solo: a Starmentary! Sync up with our least favorite Star Wars movie and discover all the secret better movies hidden within. Exclusive to the website!

“raaagghhhh [give me my own movie]” – Chewbacca